What is scouting

What is Scouting?

Scouts is a youth development movement which helps children and young adults reach their full potential and ensures they are “Prepared for Life”.

Scouts develop key life skills including leadership abilities, teamwork, self-motivation, commitment, environmental and cultural awareness and perseverance whilst having fun and ‘learning by doing’. 

Scouts also teaches a strong value system underpinned by the Scout Promise and Law. 

Positive peer pressure and outdoor activities all contribute to individuals growing up with the belief that they can and are changing the world in order to leave it a better place than how they found it. 

What we do?

Scouting is for everyone and recognises that not all children or young adults like the same thing. Our scouting programmes and projects provide a wide array of activities for them. These range from outdoor adventures to value adding community service projects. The variety of challenges contribute to their growth and advancement through the various Scouting programmes and others are specifically designed to appeal to their interests.

Meerkats (5-6) follow the Meerkat trail where they learn new skills, play educational games and take on challenges divided into a number of themes. This Early Childhood Development programme was designed to address a direct need in our communities.

Cubs (7-10) follow the Cub trail where they learn new skills, play games, complete creative crafts, enjoy fun camps and community projects. Along their journey they make new friends and acquire a number of badges.

Scouts (11-17) are guided by the Scout Trail. This adventure trail includes a wide range of activities such as hiking, camping, abseiling, swimming, survival skills, first aid or even flying! Scouting is an awesome and creative way to have fun, meet new people and be active outdoors while exploring the world around you!

Rovers (18-30) get the opportunity to indulge in their love for the outdoors while being of service to others.

Scouts is an adventure and fun for all ages from 5-30, so don’t miss out, join today.