Scout Photos 2014


Overnight Hike to Table Mountain Scout Hut February 2014

IMG_0189    IMG_0216



Cheetahs Patrol Camp – Sandvlei Sea Scout Base May 2014

This was an overnight camp and the patrol built a raft called “Vlei Rider” which they successfully launched

and sailed.


IMG_0236     IMG_0238

IMG_0239     IMG_0244

IMG_0247     IMG_0251

IMG_0255     IMG_0258

IMG_0259     IMG_0261

IMG_0263      IMG_0265

Senior scouts and Scouters Abseiling in Silvermine – June 2014

IMG_0020     IMG_0021

IMG_0037    IMG_0038


IMG_0067     IMG_0078



Pathfinder / Adventurer Camp at Appleton (Signal Hill) – June 2014

IMG_0275    IMG_0278

IMG_0280    IMG_0282

IMG_0290    IMG_0295

IMG_0297    IMG_0302

IMG_0305   IMG_0306


 Sailing at Sandveli Sea Scout Base – September 2014

IMG_0374   IMG_0377

IMG_0378   IMG_0381


IMG_0375   IMG_0379

IMG_0403   IMG_0409

IMG_0397   IMG_0404


IMG_0411   IMG_0412

 Hike from Constantia Nek to Newlands Forest November 2014

IMG_0026  IMG_0028

IMG_0030  IMG_0035





















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