Scout Photos 2015

First Class Hike – Matroosberg Reserve, Ceres: February 2014

4 scouts from the Cheetah Patrol went on an overnight adventure in the Matroosberg Mountain Range. They explored the reserve and reached the peak of 2249m high.

10409537_959758100701286_5462163390989896385_n  11024199_959759534034476_9038917453965363161_n

11038083_959758917367871_3762584935334924661_n  10984621_959758827367880_6245765991018108072_n

Kontiki 2015

We entered the Kontiki Raft building competition at Sandvlei Sea Scout Base. The challenge was to build a raft which 6 scouts can stay on for 24 hours, whilst completing a series of challenges. There are also land based competitions including volleyball and tug of war.


150328-134959  150328-092032

150328-145039  150328-095044

150327-180017  150327-175955

150327-201727  150327-204208

150327-203553  150328-115935

150328-140039        150328-140129

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