Scouts 2020

The scouts had an active year and kept the scouting spirit going despite the lockdown.


So many competitions were cancelled this year but we enjoyed taking part in the ones that did run:

4th in the Lockdown Virtual Competition – a virtual competition for junior scouts

15th in the Rayner Trophy – an overnight hiking competition for scouts 15 and older

3rd and 4th in the Upton Shield – a hiking competition for junior scouts

1st in the Liesbeek district Lockdown Competition


We had numerous activities this year including a group sports day with the rovers and cubs, kayaking in Simons Town, abseiling at the Lakeside Pinnacle, numerous hiking expeditions, visiting a fire station and 1st Aid training with Red Cross Air Mercy Services. The scouts also participated in the adopt a Spekboom project, adopting over 50 plants.


Over the lockdown period our scouts took part in the Covert-19 program, staying entertained and keeping the scouting spirit going. The troop also took part in the national hike to Mafikeng challenge and the scouts tried their hand at cooking with a virtual MasterChef competition.


We continued to focus on community service. We helped to raise over 7k for Ons Plek Child and Youth Care Centre and assisted our rover crew by collecting clothing and donations for a community soup kitchen in Khayalitsha.

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