Community Service 2014

We are committed to making a difference in the community and undertake regular community service projects.

We raised over R32k for the Guide Dogs of SA – June 2014

Our cubs, scouts and parents had a cake and make sale. We cooked fairy cakes, brownies, banana bread and some savory snacks and sold these at Woolworths Head Office – along with some home made jewelry and knitted scarves.

We raised over R22 000 for the SA Guide Dog Association and the Woolworths Trust was so impressed with our efforts that they added an addition R10k.

We cleaned up the Liesbeek River – August 2014

Our cubs, scouts and parents spent one Sunday afternoon cleaning up the Liesbeek River between Boundary Road and Belmont road in Rondebosch. We cleared the river and its banks and filled up over 15 large bags of rubbish.

Thanks to the Friends of the Liesbeek River for introducing us to their organization and we really appreciated their talk on how they are rejuvenating the Liesbeek River and its banks for us all to enjoy.

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Scout Photos 2014


Overnight Hike to Table Mountain Scout Hut February 2014

IMG_0189    IMG_0216



Cheetahs Patrol Camp – Sandvlei Sea Scout Base May 2014

This was an overnight camp and the patrol built a raft called “Vlei Rider” which they successfully launched

and sailed.


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Senior scouts and Scouters Abseiling in Silvermine – June 2014

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IMG_0067     IMG_0078



Pathfinder / Adventurer Camp at Appleton (Signal Hill) – June 2014

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 Sailing at Sandveli Sea Scout Base – September 2014

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IMG_0411   IMG_0412

 Hike from Constantia Nek to Newlands Forest November 2014

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